Unterricht in englischer Sprache


Englisch sprechen in allen Schulfächern hieß es für die Schülerinnen und Schüler der 2. bis 4. Klassen der MS Hittisau in einer Jump Start English Native Speaker Sprachwoche vom 20.9. bis 24.9.2021. Lehrer mit englischer Muttersprache förderten eine Woche lang das Hörverständnis der Kinder und Jugendlichen. Sie gewannen schnell an Selbstsicherheit in einer fremden Sprache. Die interessierten Schülerinnen und Schüler ließen sich von der Begeisterung der Native Teacher anstecken und wendeten ihre bereits erworbenen Englischkenntnisse selbstsicher an.




Mohammad, 4a


Our English project week was amazing, fantastic and enjoyable, I think. I learned a lot about America and England and I liked the sports activities best. We played new games and I loved them. I really enjoyed it and I would recommend it to other schools as well.




Emma, 4b


I think that our "English week” was fantastic. It was very interesting to learn something about film projects and to do one ourselves. Also very funny were the American sports we did. I learned from this week, that it is very important to be open to other languages and cultures. I’d recommend the “JSE English Program” to everyone, because it’s a really nice experience.




Olivia, 4a


In my eyes the English Project week was above and beyond all expectations! After we had to respite the project week three times, we were looking forward to meet the English teachers on Monday. They were great, and we all liked them. We did lots of sports like American football or soccer. It was a lot of fun to do some activities, for example “Simon says” and “Taboo”. One of the teachers works in Hollywood with famous people. With him we made a short film where we learned how to cut a movie. With another cool teacher we cooked delicious pancakes together. It was interesting to meet new people and learn about new cultures. It was a new experience to talk English the whole day but I am sure that we learned a lot. The week went by very quickly and we were sad to say goodbye on Friday. We really can recommend it because it was a fantastic week full of English!